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Riding the Waves of Life

“In the waves of change we find our true direction.” – blog.freepeople.com I consider myself an expert on this topic, at least insofar as it comes to riding the wave of my own (often) crazy life. As a busy and sometimes overwhelmed mom, wife and yoga studio owner, it sometimes feels like an incredible challenge […]

Lahari Yoga Shoot-15

Yoga as Prayer

My class theme this week has centred on a topic that I find deeply inspirational and has been a joy to teach; “Yoga as Prayer”. Let me explain. Yoga has always been a deeply spiritual practice for me, as it is for many of you. My personal practice, and teaching, has changed throughout the different […]


Kim’s Personal Weight Loss Story – Yoga for Weight Loss Series

My own weight gain started when I was about 19. It was a sneaky process and over the course of a few years my weight crept up without me being fully conscious of it until I had gained more than 85 lbs. The realization seemed to hit me all at one time – the realization […]